The Basics:

Judging By the Cover is a podcast centered around two eccentric co-hosts, Rayn Braun and Courtney Haley, who try to guess the plot elements of a film they’ve never seen before with only the DVD cover as a hint. What follows is a fun show with plenty of goofs and gaffs to keep you plenty distracted from the boringness of driving (you know what we’re talking about).

The Format:

A film is picked that either Courtney, Rayn, or both have never seen. From there they make an educated or more often than not random guess as to the film’s plot, climax, resolution and other various plot devices. Then the show takes a short break, which is used to advertise this Patreon Page, and when they return they have now seen the movie and discuss whether they were right and other things they found interesting.

There are a few different formats for the show:

  1. One of the hosts has not seen a film that the other has, so the one who has not makes the guess whilst the other tries to withstand laughing uncontrollably.
  2. Both hosts have not seen it, and thus begins The Showdown. This initiates a contest to see who can more accurately predict the film’s plot. The loser is punished in a way that both parties have agreed to beforehand.